90 Years Ago

by Caffè Carraro November 18, 2017

90 Years Ago

The Story of Caffè Carraro

I am excited to introduce you Caffè Carraro coffee, the finest coffee in Italy since 1927. The story began almost a century ago.

In 1896, Gaetano Carraro, in his small store in Schio (VI), Italy, started selling green coffee beans for roasting in domestic fireplaces. In 1927, his son, Mario, created his first roasting lab, where the green coffee was roasted and packed. Subsequently he also built his first workshop for roasting and packaging coffee on an industrial scale.

Subsequently in 1962, the workshop moved to a new factory in SS. Trinità, roasting and blending 120 tonnes of coffee yearly.

Since its humble beginning, Caffè Carraro has roasted and blended more than 76 million tonnes of great coffee. A family-run business, Caffè Carraro was part of the culture of fine espresso in Italy when the culture was taking root. The quest for quality since 1927 led the company to combine the culture and taste of great master roasters with cutting-edge production technology. For Caffè Carraro, qualtiy is defined as daily routine, work and selection. Selection of the best origins for supplies of ingredients, selection of blends, selection of coffee processing methods and selection of partners. An enthusiastic approach to work, knowing that one will do it well and will constantly strive to improve. These are the values that have made Caffè Carraro into the successful coffee roasting company that it is today. 

Caffè Carraro Headquarter Schio Industrial

Today this exceptional Carraro sensation is available not only to Italian connoisseurs, but also to international coffee lovers worldwide. It is now available in Singapore in various blends and single origin as freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules.

For most of us, a great cup of coffee is mandatory in the morning. It is inspirational for many. It will even make your day!

Caffè Carraro
Caffè Carraro

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