Adesso Capsule - Esclusivo (100pcs per Box)

Adesso Espresso Esclusivo allows the fruity and balanced fragrances to be fully expressed, presenting citrus hints and undertones of dark chocolate.

The round, sweet taste is preserved in by the slow roasting method, conferring an intense, slightly acidic aroma.

All of the typical features of a great espresso, in a single capsule, – equally enjoyable also in coffee shop or an office environment. A simple and immediate way of obtaining the perfect coffee every single time.

The coffee capsules are carefully packed and sealed, to fully preserve the fragrance of the product.

The Adesso Espresso system eliminates the possibility of wrong grinding and approximate incorrect dosages or tamping. No more waste and impeccable hygiene: the resulting fine grounds will remain in the capsule after its use.

Chose quality coffee, chose Adesso Espresso.

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1 Box consists of 100 capsules.

Adesso Esclusivo