Bundle of 6 - Nespresso compatible capsules

Puro Arabica Comp. Nespresso®

100% Arabica

Puro Arabica capsules contain eight highly select varieties of Arabica coffee. There are hints of jasmine and rose petals in its fragrant, floral aroma, while the flavour is full, with prominent sweet notes. It has a long, delicate aftertaste. The Arabica coffee beans used have a low caffeine content, so it can comfortably be enjoyed several times a day. 10 Nespresso® Compatible Capsules (52g).

Primo Mattino Comp. Nespresso®

Deep and Harmonious
Primo Mattino capsules contain a blend with a larger proportion of Robusta beans, which gives the coffee a rich, strong body. Refined, individually roasted Arabica varieties are added to bring out the best of the dense creaminess and the fully rounded taste in this strong espresso. 10 Nespresso® Compatible Capsules (52g).

SINGLE ORIGIN Brasile Comp. Nespresso®

Medium Body with a Nutty Flavour and Aroma of Toasted Bread

This coffee is grown in the Cerrado region of the State of Minas Gerais at an altitude of 800 metres above sea level. The care employed in its cultivation, harvesting and processing has earned it the title of "Specialty Strictly Soft" coffee. Sweet in the cup but not overly so, with walnut notes and a toasted bread fragrance. These characteristics make it ideal for drinking at any time of the day. 10 Nespresso® Compatible Capsules (52g).

SINGLE ORIGIN Ethiopia Comp. Nespresso®


Liqueur-like with Floral Notes of Rose & Jasmine

This coffee is grown in the southern part of the country in volcanic soil, at an altitude of 1300 metres to 2100 metres above sea level, where there is a definite distinction between the wet and dry seasons. This is the most fragrant coffee in the world, with marked jasmine and rose petal notes. Very sweet in the cup, with medium body and syrupy. Persistent and very pleasant aftertaste. Ideal served at breakfast and with sweets after a meal. 10 Nespresso® Compatible Capsules (52g).

SINGLE ORIGIN Honduras Comp. Nespresso®
Liqueur-like with mild floral notes
Honduras capsules contain coffee with unique sensory qualities thanks to long-established traditions, painstaking selection and
the favourable climate conditions in the area near the border with Guatemala, at more than 1,200 metres above sea level.
The aromatic bouquet of the coffee is packed with floral notes that have earned it the name "La Flor”, which means "The Flower”.
It has a velvety, delicately mellow body with sublime chocolate notes.10 Nespresso® Compatible Capsules (52g).

SINGLE ORIGIN Rwanda Comp. Nespresso®
Has a delicate body with pleasant apple and citrus notes
Rwanda capsules contain coffee that grows on uplands at approximately 1,700 metres above sea level, near Lake Kivu. The combination of volcanic
soil and a hot, humid climate provides excellent growing conditions for the Bourbon coffee beans (an Arabica variety). The resulting coffee is one of the
most prized kinds in the world. It is astonishingly aromatic and delightfully acidic in the cup. Thanks to its moderate caffeine content, it can be enjoyed at
any time of day. 10 Nespresso® Compatible Capsules (52g).