TWIN PACK SPECIALS - Globo Élite + Globo Marrone

Strong Roasted, Intense Aroma

The Globo Marrone blend combines some of the best natural and washed coffee qualities produced on three continents, selected batch by batch.

Coffee Beans (1kg)

Aromastrongest aroma
Intensitystronger intensity
Sweetnesslowest sweetness
Acidityno acidity
Aftertastestrongest aftertaste
Pleasantly Soft, Fine Taste

The Globo Élite blend is composed of three Arabica qualities and three Robusta ones, all of them natural, washed and selected batch by batch.

Coffee Beans (1kg)

Aromastronger aroma
Intensitystronger intensity
Sweetnesshigher sweetness
Aciditylower acidity
Aftertastestronger aftertaste