Dilmah - English Breakfast (Individually Foiled Wrapped Bags)

Tasting Note & Distinctive Features

A bold and bright single region Ceylon Tea, grown at around 5,500ft above sea level, and gently fused with Bergamot flavour. The result is a balanced, medium strength tea with the citrus note that is known as Earl Grey. This floral and fruity flavour balances the strength of the tea to offer a refreshing and delightful tea.


Flavoured Black tea

Total Amount of Tea per Unit

100 Teabags (Individually Foiled Wrapped Bags)



Brewing Information
  • Recommended to use Spring Water
  • 95˚C –100˚C
  • 1 Luxury Leaf Tea Bag per person
  • 220ml of water per person
  • 3 - 5 Minutes
Serve with: Best Taken Straight.
Accompaniment: Green Curry, Samosas, Curry Puffs, Spicy Meat, Dark Chocolate