Bundle of 6 - Tea Nespresso compatible

China Jasmine tea in compatible Nespresso capsules.

China Jasmine tea is a green tea flavored with jasmine that gives a smooth and intense taste.
An amazing infusion that combines the beneficial properties of jasmine flowers to the active ingredients of green tea.

Earl Grey tea in compatible Nespresso capsules.

Earl Grey is a flavored tea with a fresh citrus smell and a velvety taste to enjoy at any time of day, natural or with a teaspoon of sugar or honey.

English breakfast: tea in compatible Nespresso capsules.

English breakfast is the traditional blend of full-bodied and persistent tea taste, made of the best quality of black tea Assam and Ceylon, perfect at breakfast or for an afternoon tea break, in line with English tradition.

Green tea in compatible Nespresso capsules.

Green Tea with its natural, rich and pungent flavour, is famously rich in anti-oxidants and toning ingredients.
Perfect with some fresh mint leaves, both hot and cold.

Lemon tea in compatible Nespresso capsules.

Lemon Tea is a strong and intense black tea flavored with lemon notes. Perfect for a fresh break at any time of day.

Marrakesh Mint tea in compatible Nespresso Capsules.

Marrakesh Mint is the traditional Maroccan tea blend flavored with mint and symbol of hospitality.
Perfect for those are looking